Follow your money!

With Tink you can follow your income and see how much money you have spent – and on what.
  • Connect your banks and credit cards
  • Automatic aggregation and categorization
  • Encrypted and certified by Verisign


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Your personal finances
seen through new eyes

Tink is for everyone who has ever had cause to wonder where their money has gone and who wants to gain a better overview of their finances. Tink retrieves, categorises and analyses your purchases and presents your finances in a completely new way. Create an account and we’ll show you how!


  • gain control

    Tink quickly provides you with an overview of your expenses and income and shows you how much you have left of your salary.

  • up-to-date balances

    Tink reads your account balances directly from your bank, meaning that your Tink account is always completely up-to-date. You can connect accounts from Sweden’s 16 largest banks and credit cards.

  • Tink Feed

    In your Tink Feed we show you the most important things that are happening right now. It could be the fact that you have received your salary, a weekly summary or an unusually large expense.

  • Left to spend

    How much of your salary was left last month and what were the biggest expenses? At the end of each month, Tink makes you a summary of the month.

  • More than usual

    Tink follows your money, removes the unwanted noise, and notifies you as soon as something unusual happens.


Where does your money go?

Tink takes care of the boring work for you by automatically categorising all your expenses so that you can easily track how much money you’ve spent and on what. You can also see how the level of expenses in the various categories has changed over time.


Create your own budgets

You can set your own budget, either for one or a number of different types of expense. Regardless of whether you want to save up for something special or simply gain better control of your spending, it will become much easier and more enjoyable when the relevant information is compiled automatically. And if you want, Tink will warn you when you’re on the way to exceeding your budget.

All your finances in one place

Gather everything in one place

Your Tink account means that all your finances are gathered together in one place. All you need to do is connect your bank accounts, credit cards, brokerage accounts or other services. Tink automatically retrieves new data as soon as a change occurs, thus ensuring that your account is always completely up-to-date, no matter how many banks you use.

World-class security

Tink uses the same type of security solutions as the world’s leading banks and is certified and protected by VeriSign. All data is encrypted using advanced encryption techniques. One important difference between Tink and a bank is that no one – not even you – can transfer money via your Tink account.

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The way it works

  1. Create account

    Create an account by entering your email address and a password.

  2. Connect services

    Connect your bank accounts and credit cards.

  3. Retrieval of data

    Tink retrieves up to 24 months of bank data in only 30 seconds.

  4. Overview

    Tink categorises and presents all your finances.